The frustration of dealing with chaos, fighting the entropy of everyday life, in my art evolves into a zen-like admiration of imperfection. By cutting abstract shapes and patterns out of the domestic disorder, I invite the audience to train their eyes to a selective research for the hidden beauty of their surroundings.

Ksenia Yarosh, a native of Moscow (Russia) now based in Italy, always saw herself as an artist.  Growing up in an artistic environment (her mother was an illustrator)  from an early age she was attracted by all kind of creativity, from drawing to music and clothes design. But when it came to choosing a profession, the law degree "happened". Being born in 1987, in USSR falling apart, determined the practical way of living, so an art degree was something not to be considered at the time. 

After her graduating from a law faculty she tried to combine her passion for art with a day job at the City Court of Moscow. Then finally after all the years of putting her dreams apart, she decided to dedicate her life to art. 

She changes everything and moves to Italy. Here finally comes the liberation moment, she paints her first medium-big canvases as a commitment to an art career.  And so in 2016 arrives her first solo exhibition in Bologna. 

In 2019 she graduates from the University of Bologna, Faculty of DAMS (art and music disciplines, visual art specialisation).

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Ksenia from her early age was into finding deeper connections between things, events, feelings and, of course, artistic expressions. And so was her choice of the second degree, dictated by a desire for understanding of art more than acquiring technical skills. 

At DAMS she studies, among other art disciplines, the psychology of art and psychology of perception. These disciplines brought her to a deeper understanding of human nature in connection with shapes and colours.



Galleria Wiki Arte, Bologna  
September 2019

MaMo Galleria, Milan  
November 2018

MaMo Galleria, Milan
February 2017

Galleria Wiki Arte, Bologna  
May 2016

Art Fairs


Centro Fiera Montichiari, Montichiari 
May 2019

Fiere Bergamo, Bergamo  
January 2019

Luxembourg Art Fair 

LuxExpo the Box, Luxembourg

December 2019


Elle Gallery, Preganziol

July 2019

Expo Bologna 2019

Galleria Wiki Arte, Bologna 
January 2019

Arte in viaggio nel Regno delle due Sicilie
MaMo Galleria, Palermo-Milan

August 2018

Rocca Paolina, Perugia
September 2017

Premio De Marchi

Galleria De Marchi, Bologna 

April  2016

Artisti ArteBo

ArteBo, Bologna

March 2016

San Valentino

Galleria De Marchi, Bologna

February 2016